Sunday, November 15, 2015


Just a quick post today. Sharing my three months project life pages, June to August.

Hope I get to somehow inspire you with your project life, too. It's not actually easy to keep up. Sometimes, I get stressed out choosing which photos to print, what journal cards to use, how to embellish, or even which goes where in terms of photos and page protectors. Not to mention what to write or journal. It freaks me out! But when it does, I stay away from it for a while, it could be minutes, hours, days or even weeks. But because I have this "before-I-go" goal of printing all our photos and placing them in albums, I get to push myself to getting it done. Luckily, I end up enjoying the journey of documenting each month. I always ask God to help me get through. I always talk to Him in my mind, 'Lord, which photos... Lord, which journal cards... Lord, how do you think I should do it...'.

By far June is my most number of pages. Since I intend to have only one album this year, I didn't make a separate album for our Singapore trip, instead, I added it on June project life pages.

Our (k+i) last full month together with the boys in Philippines. Documenting here their first month at their new school although they actually started last June 24. Had to keep and add the letters they wrote to me, to k, and to God.

This month was a difficult month for me and for K and the boys, too. The first couple of days were our last days together this year. K+I went back here in UAE with a heavy heart. We were placed in a difficult situation a few days later, during our big move to Dubai from Al Ain. Because of that trial, up until now, it got me thinking that maybe it was a not the right decision to return here and leave the boys in Philippines. But if it's a mistake, I won't let it overcome me but accept it as a lesson and not a loss; "a temporary, necessary detour, not a dead end".

As I live my day-to-day and move closer to my end, I have found this truth in life that today may not be a good day nor the best day for me, BUT, there will always be good in everyday to be thankful for.

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Credits: Becky Higgins page protectors, Studio Calico project life/documenter kits & printables, Paislee Press minimalist templates, Kelly Purkey stamps, Kellie Stamps, Christine Herrin stamps, Life Documented Manila purchases, Pretty Papers Studio purchases. Home Edited Motex label maker. 



This was our way of ending the week. We were only there for barely two hours, it was so windy and the sea had big waves BUT going there was SO worth it. Short but relaxing. 

K was so glad we went and he was so satisfied with his entire week. He was able to bike to work during the workdays, ran almost 10 km on Friday, and went to the beach on Saturday. As for me, after spending the weekdays at home, it felt so good to be able to see a different view and smell the refreshing sea. Yes, we miss the boys (SUPER!) and I was hoping they were here. They would have enjoyed the beach as much as we did. But nonetheless, I am still glad and thankful to God for this opportunity to be together; AND, seeing how happy yesterday K was, it's good enough for me. 

It's still Sunday, the start of the week on my side of the world but I am so looking forward for the weekend, hoping for another beach weekender once again.

(Al Sufouh Beach, Dubai)

Inspite of what's happening around the world, still hoping for a good week ahead.
God is still alive and He will be our strength in the midst of every trial. Hold on tight and never let go of Him.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Coming Soon

Hello all...
As always, absentee blogger here.

Just popping to share that Kathleen of Creo by Lady Katutz & I have collaborated again this 2015. And here's a sneekpeak of what's coming on Creao by Lady Katutz's 5th Blogoversary, our very first digital kit collaboration. More details on the 11th.

See you back on the reveal day.
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Tuesday, November 3, 2015


I'm SO behind blogging my project life pages BUT here I am now with my May Project Life.

Yes, I love using Paislee Press minimalist templates with my photos. But I also mix some handwritten jounaling throughout my pages. But since I used Liz's templates, it made my documenting, organizing & project life process a lot easier. I actually love the white spaces of my pages. I also embellish less because (1) I don't have enough embellishments & (2) I like a cleaner look for my project life pages ("less is more"). And I'm also using Collect App on my phone to save the photos I want to use for my monthly pages. Every time I sort & edit my photos for printing, I check back on my Collect App. In that way, I won't miss a memory for the month.

(I used my phone in taking photos now & my SLR has been in the drawer since we got back in August. I missed my Nikon D60, too, & perhaps that's why I'm taking my Sony 5N for granted.)

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

#the100dayproject | 21-100

Here's the first to be ticked off my "catch-up list" since we arrived back here in UAE. Felt so good I finally got this done. And as soon as I get my Project Life backlog done, I will be doing my second #the100dayproject.

This was a project I started last April and had to put it on pause for a while but kept saving quotes online. Visit my previous post here. You can read about the project here which was initiated by Elle Luna and The Great Discontent.

Created an opening page using a white cardstock cut into 3x4, printed the title and stamped the document word & the banner outline. Punched two holes on each cards and the covers. For the covers, I re-purposed an old box from my previous purchase, cut two slightly larger than 3x4 and punched holes. Added the title at the front using my Dymo embossing label maker. Used a large metal ring binder.

I'm happy with how it turned out once everything was binded. Excited for my next #the100dayproject.

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As I was arranging my cards to take photos, I noticed I had two same quotes. Oh well... Hahaha...

Monday, September 21, 2015

#myselfiescrapbook | WEEK FOUR

Here I am again. Ticked another item off my "catching-up lists". First was my #the100dayproject, my 100 days of quotes which I will be sharing here also in a few days. And second, got our 2008 printed photos in an album. YAY!!! for me... Third, this one, #myselfiescrapbook mini album.

The class has long been finished; however, you can read it here. I had to put it off for a while since we were already preparing for our move here in Dubai and at the same time we sent the boys back to Philippines for good. Again, I'm not into selfies but this project by Jen & Julie gave me the chance to re-evaluate myself & helped me to love myself for whatever form I am. For the last week, we were to show how we thrive & to love ourselves.

You can view my week one, week two & week three. Here's my last week.
How I thrive.

Scrapbooking & Project Life are just two of the ways I thrive. When I'm not into my creative mood, I sort out myself at the kitchen. And I thank God for our 8 year old ever trusted bed, there are times I just lie down, tuck myself under the cool blanket & fluffy pillows, letting go of my thoughts while listening to Christian music (KNVBC & BRN Radio).

But above these things, I have to thrive because & for my boys, my #2, #3, & my #1 constant K. I have to compose myself & move towards the mark.

Just had to include a family photo for my selfie scrapbook. I won't feel complete as myself without these three. We're not perfect & far from the ideal but it is only by God's grace that we are intact even if the boys are miles apart from us. 

Before I end this mini book, I found this quote to remind me that I am beautiful no matter how I look.

Added this brush script freebie from Jodie York...

Here's my completed #myselfiescrapbook mini album.

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Sunday, May 10, 2015


Sharing here my April Project Life pages. I used mostly the April Lisse Street from Studio Calico & the others from the past SC kits & some of my remaining supplies. I used Paislee Press minimalist templates for most of my photos while still incorporating my handwriting throughout the April pages. I also incorporated some of Christine Herrin's digital stamps. How I wished I have the physical stamps, it would be handy. 

 I like adding 6x12 pages if I need to, like for this month. Decided to put our fair day in 6x12 so it has it's own page & even added a tab.

 At the back of the 6x12 page & the whole next page was our photos from our Abu Dhabi trip to the beach & to the Yas Mall with friends. During our beach trip, I gathered a little sand & shells to brign home. Then spread it on a paper plate to dry & placed it inside a secured plastic before inserting in the pocket. 

 On this spread, I added my boys' drawings on the Max's paper placemat while waiting for our orders to arrive while last month I used a placemat as a filler.  Memorabilia like this would be a nice addition to my monthly Project Life pages. 

Here's a little shot of the flip card with the Chiffon Cheesecake recipe. 

I must admit that I had became lazy finishing this month's pages specially on doing the journaling. Journaling has been a challenge for me ever since. I always get conscious with my grammar & spelling but sometimes I don't care anymore if I don't get the grammar right. Besides, English is not my first language & I still can understand what I am writing. 

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