Monday, April 20, 2015

#myselfiescrapbook | WEEK ONE

I've been contemplating on creating a new mini but had no idea about what until I saw the IG post of Make Ideas Happen about this #myselfiescrapbook free class. Got interested right away. It's challenging since I don't document about myself. I seldom post photos of me on my social media accounts & I'd rather be at the back of the camera. But since life is short & I want my boys (& our next generations) to remember me when the time comes that I have to go, including myself in our photos became a goal for me. This project is teaching me to love myself, accept myself fully with all the flaws & be confident on who I am. So, this is an awesome project & I'm glad that Jen, Julie, Kellie, Mandy, Jessica & Jodie created this free class.

Yes, I 'm 2 weeks behind on posting my first week #myselfiescrapbook. I only get to go to the print shop once a month for my Project Life but because of this project I am having a weekend trip to the town for my photos. Looking at the participants' #myselfiescrapbook pages inspire me & I hope people would also be inspired with what I share about this project.

4x4 would be my go to size for this mini & I intended to use less embellishment as possible since I don't have enough materials on hand. Just like all my other minis, I don't mind if the colors of embellishment & papers mismatch. I initially typed my journaling on the photos but when the prints came out, I didn't like it. Good thing, we had to go back to the town the next day & had my photos reprinted without the typed journaling. Eventually, I opted to handwriting my journaling. It's another challenge for me since I'm not that good in writing (with the grammar & all) or in expressing my thoughts & emotions through writing. 

Found an old round chipboard, cut it slightly bigger than 4x4 for the covers. I've been wanting to use vellum on my minis but I couldn't find any vellum here or I keep on forgetting to go to the big bookshop & look for the vellum. Here I used K's tracing paper, printed #myselfiescrapbook & cut to 4x4.


 The journal card is a freebie for this class from Digital Design Essentials which I cut to 3x3.

 The journal card I used here is from my store

 This quote is from Ali Edwards from her Give Sunday on her blog & printed it on a 3x4 paper. 

The journal card & the circle pattern here are from The Teal Lime Press as another freebie for the class. 

- - - - - - -

This is #myselfiescrapbook first week.


  1. You are not 38 !! You look amazing! Not to mention I like your style of scrapbooking--just enough embellishments and great use of color ! Looking forward to seeing what you do next :D

    1. i'm going to be 39 by the end of the year. thanks to photo editing actions i can look younger. hehe...
      i appreciate your nice comments. thank you. ♥

  2. I really enjoyed looking at your pages, thanks for posting! you have good ideas I would like to use also. since I've taken all the pictures but haven't started my book for this project.

    1. thank you celena. i also get inspired by other scrappers. :)

  3. Love your fun pages of your #myselfiescrapbook

  4. Everything is perfect, love your album!


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