Sunday, May 10, 2015


Sharing here my April Project Life pages. I used mostly the April Lisse Street from Studio Calico & the others from the past SC kits & some of my remaining supplies. I used Paislee Press minimalist templates for most of my photos while still incorporating my handwriting throughout the April pages. I also incorporated some of Christine Herrin's digital stamps. How I wished I have the physical stamps, it would be handy. 

 I like adding 6x12 pages if I need to, like for this month. Decided to put our fair day in 6x12 so it has it's own page & even added a tab.

 At the back of the 6x12 page & the whole next page was our photos from our Abu Dhabi trip to the beach & to the Yas Mall with friends. During our beach trip, I gathered a little sand & shells to brign home. Then spread it on a paper plate to dry & placed it inside a secured plastic before inserting in the pocket. 

 On this spread, I added my boys' drawings on the Max's paper placemat while waiting for our orders to arrive while last month I used a placemat as a filler.  Memorabilia like this would be a nice addition to my monthly Project Life pages. 

Here's a little shot of the flip card with the Chiffon Cheesecake recipe. 

I must admit that I had became lazy finishing this month's pages specially on doing the journaling. Journaling has been a challenge for me ever since. I always get conscious with my grammar & spelling but sometimes I don't care anymore if I don't get the grammar right. Besides, English is not my first language & I still can understand what I am writing. 

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Thank you for dropping by. Have a blessed week ahead.

Friday, May 8, 2015

#myselfiescrapbook | WEEK THREE

#myselfiescrapbook class is almost ending & my mini is getting chunkier by the week. Here's my week three. You can view my week one here & my week two here. The prompt for week three is from Jessica from Color Cast Designs, "one selfie four ways". You can read all about the prompt here. I must admit, I felt inconvenient taking selfies for this prompt as well as having it printed at the print shop & even posting it online.  I'm just not into selfie but this project is exceptional since it's making me accept myself with all my shortcomings. So... here goes...

 The stamp was from Daiso which I got a few years ago. 

Here I'm showing 4-me with my usual brisk walking attire. Still trying hard to stay healthy & fit. The circle embellishment was a freebie for this project from Alex Hunter Designs. I re-sized it to fit my circle punch. The chipboard embellishments are from Studio Calico

The circle embellishment still from Alex Hunter Design & the star is from Studio Calico.

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This is #myselfiescrapbook week three.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

#myselfiescrapbook | WEEK TWO

Here's my week two for #myselfiescrapbook. As usual, I'm always late posting/sharing my prompts. You can find my first week here. For the second week, the prompt was "from where I stand" from Kellie of Give a Girl a Blog. You can read about the prompt here

I used the freebies from Little Lamm Co. for the brushed words & the journal card is a freebie from Digital Design Essential. I added a chipboard heart from Studio Calico.

 Here I still used freebies from Little Lamm Co. for the brushed word, the journal card from Big City Quiet Designs, & the embellishment is from Studio Calico digitals.

 Still the brushed words is from Little Lamm Co. & the journal card from Big City Quiet Designs. The banner embellishment is a brushed stamp from Christine Herrin that I printed on a scrapped patterned paper then cut into banner.

Brushed words is from Little Lamm Co. & the journal card from  Digital Designs Essentials.

The "self-love" embellishment I cut from the journal card from Big City Quiet Designs.

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This is #myselfiescrapbook second week.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


This is it...

Took me a year (perhaps more than a year, I think) to finally admit that I had to retire in digital designing. It has been 5 years, I started when Mscraps started. I'm forever grateful for the opportunity to be with the amazing designers of Mscraps specially to Joyce. She gave me the chance to be a digital designer & believed that I can do it. Mscraps & Joyce will have a special place in my heart.

But things have changed for the past 2 years. The passion is not there anymore. I don't want to design because I need to put something on my store. Designing becomes a burden & I hate to be feeling that way. I want to design because I free my thoughts & stress in creating something. On the other hand, there have been some health issues arising every time I stayed for a long period of time in front of the computer. I've been having constant neck-shoulder pain lately. Another thing is that I've been taking my health for granted for so so long now. I hope to spend some more time doing exercises to loose weight & stay fit. Since K is into running & marathons, I want to condition myself & run together with him. That's my long-tern goal.

I also feel that it's the right time to retire now since we (my family) are on the verge of making a life-changing decision. As to what, I cannot disclose just yet. There's a right time for that when we have finally made our 100% decision. Right now, it's still 95%...

Maybe when the passion is totally back, health is resolved, & everything is settled, then I can come back to digital design. But for now, see you around digiland. Once in a while, I'll try to pop-up for freebies (I really hope so).

Because I'm retiring, I have a month long sale on my SHOP at Mscraps. Before everything is gone for good, grab my BUY MY STORE SALE (95% off my entire store).

I'm also finishing my last freebie for iscrap, it will be available soon here since I won't be using my iscrap blog anymore. Will update you on that.

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Memory Scraps (MScraps) is still on it's STOREWIDE INSD SALE until May 7th. If you haven't been there, go now. There's so many beautiful products on sale.