Sunday, May 10, 2015


Sharing here my April Project Life pages. I used mostly the April Lisse Street from Studio Calico & the others from the past SC kits & some of my remaining supplies. I used Paislee Press minimalist templates for most of my photos while still incorporating my handwriting throughout the April pages. I also incorporated some of Christine Herrin's digital stamps. How I wished I have the physical stamps, it would be handy. 

 I like adding 6x12 pages if I need to, like for this month. Decided to put our fair day in 6x12 so it has it's own page & even added a tab.

 At the back of the 6x12 page & the whole next page was our photos from our Abu Dhabi trip to the beach & to the Yas Mall with friends. During our beach trip, I gathered a little sand & shells to brign home. Then spread it on a paper plate to dry & placed it inside a secured plastic before inserting in the pocket. 

 On this spread, I added my boys' drawings on the Max's paper placemat while waiting for our orders to arrive while last month I used a placemat as a filler.  Memorabilia like this would be a nice addition to my monthly Project Life pages. 

Here's a little shot of the flip card with the Chiffon Cheesecake recipe. 

I must admit that I had became lazy finishing this month's pages specially on doing the journaling. Journaling has been a challenge for me ever since. I always get conscious with my grammar & spelling but sometimes I don't care anymore if I don't get the grammar right. Besides, English is not my first language & I still can understand what I am writing. 

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Thank you for dropping by. Have a blessed week ahead.

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