Tuesday, November 3, 2015


I'm SO behind blogging my project life pages BUT here I am now with my May Project Life.

Yes, I love using Paislee Press minimalist templates with my photos. But I also mix some handwritten jounaling throughout my pages. But since I used Liz's templates, it made my documenting, organizing & project life process a lot easier. I actually love the white spaces of my pages. I also embellish less because (1) I don't have enough embellishments & (2) I like a cleaner look for my project life pages ("less is more"). And I'm also using Collect App on my phone to save the photos I want to use for my monthly pages. Every time I sort & edit my photos for printing, I check back on my Collect App. In that way, I won't miss a memory for the month.

(I used my phone in taking photos now & my SLR has been in the drawer since we got back in August. I missed my Nikon D60, too, & perhaps that's why I'm taking my Sony 5N for granted.)

Thanks for dropping by.

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