Sunday, November 15, 2015



This was our way of ending the week. We were only there for barely two hours, it was so windy and the sea had big waves BUT going there was SO worth it. Short but relaxing. 

K was so glad we went and he was so satisfied with his entire week. He was able to bike to work during the workdays, ran almost 10 km on Friday, and went to the beach on Saturday. As for me, after spending the weekdays at home, it felt so good to be able to see a different view and smell the refreshing sea. Yes, we miss the boys (SUPER!) and I was hoping they were here. They would have enjoyed the beach as much as we did. But nonetheless, I am still glad and thankful to God for this opportunity to be together; AND, seeing how happy yesterday K was, it's good enough for me. 

It's still Sunday, the start of the week on my side of the world but I am so looking forward for the weekend, hoping for another beach weekender once again.

(Al Sufouh Beach, Dubai)

Inspite of what's happening around the world, still hoping for a good week ahead.
God is still alive and He will be our strength in the midst of every trial. Hold on tight and never let go of Him.

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