Sunday, February 14, 2016


Hey, I'm back with a quick post + a monthly freebie.

To my "constant K"...
"I chose you.
And I'll choose you
over and over and over.
Without a pause.
Without a doubt.
In a heartbeat.
I'll keep choosing you."
From B♥


That's the quick post & here's the monthly treat.

It's the love month & it's Valentine's Day in a few days. I created a set of journal cards you can use for your Project Life layouts, in digital or paper forms. I couldn't decide between the black-gray or red-blue color palette. I love the outcome for both.

By next month, I'll share my Project Life February pages using some of these cards. Please do tag me (Facebook & Instagram) when you use this & post on your social media accounts.


Monday, February 8, 2016


Sharing my January Project Life pages.

I love using Paislee Press' minimalist template for my photos. I just tweaked the templates a bit according to my preference. But I still have photos printed to 3x4 & 4x6 and then write directly on them or attach labels on them. I like this combination & it works for me.

Here, I handwritten a quote (from Pinterest) about my one little word for 2016, breathe. I don't have a beautiful handwriting or Ali Edwards like handwriting but if you want the handwritten quote, I turned it into a digital art & it's free to download.

Used journal cards & embellishments from my existing Studio Calico documenter kit & my January DT kit.

My photos are not perfectly printed as I bring them to the print shop at the nearest mall. The technician said that even if I cropped my photos to 4x6 in Photoshop, when he feeds them to the printing machine, it still expands & part of my photos are cropped. You can notice that on my topmost left photo. I placed a white border around but when I got the print, only a little of the border remained (right side & top).

Part of my plan for my 2016 Project Life is to add a layout every month, either 6x8 or 6x12. I just came to decide on this just as I was finishing my January pages when I saw Nicole Reeves' Instagram post. By the end of 2016, I'll be able to create 12 scrapbook layouts! That's 12! HA! That would be a first time for me. For January, I added a layout of my boys. Just keeping it simple so it would be achievable for me. I used Pretty Paper Studio's Clean-and-Simple (CAS) kit for February.

Stamped our favorite quote by the famous Mies van der Rohe, "Less is more", on a regular typewriter paper using Kelly Purkey Southport stamp. Then I inserted it at the back of my 6x8 layout.

I also love using stamps. I only have a few & I'm still eyeing on a few more. I love those stamps which I can use over & over again to my Project Life pages & mini albums. Here, I used stamps from Clearly Kelly, Kellie Winnel & Christine Herrin.

I also love adding some memorabilia like this one on the left page, my RTA metro train card from Ibn Battuta to Mall of the Emirates stations & back when I went to the Emirates Post office to mail some postcards.

The left side is a page dedicated for K's Dubai Marathon event. It's his 3rd year this year & I am SO so proud of his achievement. He has achieved his personal goal every year.

Obviously, I love using stamps now & incorporate it on my Project Life pages with the minimalist photo templates.

I hope my Project Life pages inspire you with yours, just like I am inspired by other Project Lifers.
Thank you for dropping by.

Sunday, February 7, 2016


Started my Project Life journey only last 2014 and I used a Studio Calico 6x8 handbook so I would not get overwhelmed in keeping up with it. I end up using 2 albums with the December Daily included. Because I prefer on having only one album for 2015, I went for 12x12 album for 2015. I end up using one album for January-November and one album for December. However, as I approach the midyear I began to feel intimidated by the large size. I felt that it's too large for me, it took most of my table space and it's too heavy to carry (not joking). Hahaha...
My title pages for 2014, 2015 & 2016

Project Life 2016 Plans
For 2016, I was torn between 9x12 & 6x12 Project Life albums. I thought 9x12 would be better, not too big & not too small. But it's difficult to find on my side of the world, expensive shipping cost if I order it online and noticed that the page protectors get easily out of stock. Because of these facts, I opted for 6x12 album which I think would be appropriate for me. I don't mind if I will end up using 2 albums for this year.

I have seen this Thickers album from Pretty Papers Studio (an online shop based here in Dubai) and without hesitation purchased two; and fortunately, the Becky Higgins page protectors just fit in the album. Even if I have switched to 6x12, I can easily trim and use the remaining 12x12 page protectors that I still have and which I think are enough until the end of the year.

I am continuing my monthly format for my Project Life pages. Other than some special occasions or some special splurge of the moment events or planned adventure, it's a normal life for us. So, I won't have a lot of photos to share for a weekly spread.

As for style, I always go for "less is more" approach. I have been using Paislee Press' minimalist photo templates since last year & I'm planning to carry on with it this year. Less embellishment. More journaling (hopefully). Due to some financial aspect, I am not able to continue with my Studio Calico documenter kit subscription this year. I am still hopeful though that I can subscribe once again in the future. But I still have a bunch of journal cards & embellishments from my past kits which I'll be using for my 2016 Project Life along with a few stamps which I purchased from Kelly Purkey, Kellie Winnel & Christine Herrin
My basics for 2016 Project Life

Title Page + One Little Word
Since I started Project Life, I always go for large photos for my title pages. This year, I chose this photo of me and K. My initial plan was to take a photograph of old Dubai with the new Dubai on the background but I'm not that familiar with Dubai and with the traffic I don't think it's doable for me. This was taken last November, when we had a splurge of the moment and decided to go for a quick swim. Grabbed my DSLR and tripod since I planned to take this photo.
2016 Title Page

Most probably, it's just me and K most of the times this year. The boys are already back in Philippines for good while I decided to come here with K for a couple more years (but I think that it won't be that long anymore). I started Project Life to document our little family's life specially the boys' growing up years. But because we are far, I can't easily take photographs of them whenever I want to, that's why I don't have enough photos of them. I'm thankful for my sister-in-law for the every-now-and-then photos of the boys she sends me on Facebook. And K... K is camera shy. He doesn't want his photographs taken and even posted on social media.

On the other hand, as much as possible, I would like to be more intentional this year with my Project Life pages... hhmmm....................................... I don't know how to explain this but Pam hit it right as to how intentional I want it to be... "It's not about documentation just for documentation's sake or prettifying it for art's sake. I wanted my Project Life album to authentically represent who I am (our family) right now, what I'm feeling, what I'm seeing, where I'm (we are) going and why I'm making choices that I do."

Breathe. My one little word for this year. Not to overthink, not to wonder what could have been or what if, not just imagine, not obsess. Instead, just breathe & have faith that all things will work together for good. Breathe for me also means to take time to enjoy life, relax, de-stress & go out for adventure.

I've been preoccupied with worries, fear & stress last year (and even years before that) and I just want to breathe. I want K to breathe & do what he wants to do for the longest time. I want my boys to breathe & be what they want to be. I want to breathe & let God be God. I still worry, get scared or overthink. You just don't get rid of them in an instant but by God's grace I am learning how to handle them.

"All things worked together for good to them that loved God..." Roman 8:28 KJV