Saturday, July 23, 2016


Taking some time off from catching up with my #100daysofartjournal & coloring. Have been updating my blog for days now. Not much updating on the look though. Want to keep the white space & minimalist look ("bare" look. Nothing much going on. Blog not worth visiting(?). I hope not. Hahaha...). Ughhh... I've been WANTING to blog about something. About project life. About my art journal journey. About my cooking journey. About life lately. BUT I don't know where to start. And every time I'm about to start typing, I freeze & end up staring at the laptop screen, BLANK. Instantly, I'm lost with words. Feels like I've lost my mojo to blog. I've been into blogging hiatus for so long already. My last post was Feb 14 for my heart's day freebie. I was not even able to keep up with my intention this year of posting monthly digital/printable freebies. Six months of 2016 have passed & I had set a few blogging goal at the start but not even 1 accomplished. I SUCK. PERIOD.

I just had this blog last year. After I retired being a digital scrapbook designer, with much thoughts & self-debates, I decided to create this blog. I wanted a new one for a fresh start since my first blog ( was mainly intended for my scrapbooking journey. At the same time, other than scrapbooking, I'd like to include glimpses of my life (with my boys).

I'm not a "blogger". Not even good in writing, nor fluent in English grammar. Nor my life engaging. But I want to do this... I had this long term goal in mind hoping that when my boys are old enough to understand a blog (or perhaps have blogs of their own), they can recollect glimpses of our little family life & understand more about MamaIng's hobbies/passions through here. I just hope I can REALLY keep up with this.

So, please bare with this middle aged woman who still wants to blog about the people she loves, about the things she wants to do & even about doing the things she's been putting off for years.

THANKS for dropping by. 

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