Sunday, July 24, 2016

#the100dayproject | ART JOURNAL DAY 001-048

This is my second time of participating in #the100dayproject. Last year, I did 100 days of quotes (here and here). I was thinking of a few projects to try for this; 100 days of Bible verses or coloring or exercise or photography or art journal. And since I joined in the band wagon of art journaling just recently, I though this would be a good way to push myself to get the hang of staying connected with my "artsy self".

At the beginning, I became so intimidated. I was finding it hard to execute doing my art journal pages. Looking at the the art journal pages of others specially those that I follow on Instagram, I get more intimidated & I tend to loose my gana to do this project. I was thinking of quitting & thought "what did I get myself into?". But I didn't stop. Although I'm still searching for my own personal style, browsing through Pinterest & Instagram gave me inspirations on creating my art journal pages. I love looking at what others have beautifully created & as much as I'd like to simulate their awesome pages, my minimalist self always halts me before I overdo mine. Although sometimes, I think I have overdone some of my pages. And there were times I tore some pages just because I was so intimidated & didn't feel like it's coming well. On the other hand, I'm still hoping for more learning & self-exploration when it comes to art journal.

Because of this challenge, I finally put my Papers and Tschai carra journal into good use. It has been on my bookcase since I bought it last year. It's so lovely I'm hesitant to just write anything on it. Can't think of the best way to use it for until I participated in this #the100dayproject. Here are my entry from Day #001 – #048 which I used up 5 A6 journal notebooks/inserts.








Thank you to Pinterest & Instagram for the inspirations and a big thanks to my friends who liked my art journal pages. They also inspire me to continue on to my art journal journey.

Thank you for dropping by and I hope you enjoyed looking through my art journal pages.
Have a great week ahead.

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