Tuesday, May 16, 2017



Just a quick post for today. Incase you missed this FREEBIE from my Facebook and Instagram pages, here's my way of greeting all the mama out there. A revamped journal cards from my past digi-designs, added 2 4x6 journal cards & packed together as one big freebie, MOTHER'S DAY JOURNAL CARDS.

If you have downloaded my past 2 sets already, thank you. These are in a different color palette though. I wished to create a new set; however, the packing for the big move got in the way, but, I still hope you'll like them.

Click the image for the link and please comment below if you have downloaded it. Thanks.

Again, thank you to all who sent me their Mother's Day greeting through Messenger, Facebook tags and Instagram tags. All the best for us mothers!


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