Tuesday, June 6, 2017


This is my last post for PPSUAE as a design team member and I want to express my utmost gratitude to Pretty Paper Studio and Neelu for this two year opportunity. THANK YOU TO THE NTH POWER.

Finally, after four years of being at the crossroad of staying or moving on, we have decided to move on. We're leaving UAE for good to be with our boys whom we have brought home to the Philippines two years ago. Having mixed emotions; feeling anxious, sad, and excited. But, unlike the past years that I felt petrified every time we talked about it, I feel more at peace now and excited. I believed that feeling at peace than scared made me more secure about this huge decision. We’re leaving everything to God as we’ve always done. Hoping and praying that things will work out for us in Philippimes.

I may not be based here in UAE anymore and I may not be a part of a PPS design team, but I will always be around to support PPS (true). I will try to stay online when time permits and whenever there’s a good internet connection available. See you around the web and social media.

Here's my DT kit for June and below is a flip through video of my March Project Life pages.

(Credit: Music from Free Music Archive - David Szesztay - Cheese)

Let's keep creating. Let's just spread good vibes and love to everybody inspite of our differences.
No “goodbyes” or “farewells”, only “see-you-around”.

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